Strategically speaking

Politico reporter Nick Gass (cue Steve Hayward) provides a comic interlude in “Clinton campaign goes nuclear on health rumors.” Gass reports:

[Chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel] Benenson also issued a call for Trump to release more information than the note the campaign released from his physician, not an internist but a gastroenterologist, last December. In that statement, Harold Bornstein attested that Trump’s test results were “astonishingly excellent” and that the candidate “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Amazingly, Benenson avoids the obvious Hayward-type comments on the testimony of Trump’s gastroenterologist. He’s got bigger…ah…game in mind. Benenson is, after all, a strategist. Not just a strategist, he is Clinton’s chief strategist. Benenson says strategically:

“I mean, what a ludicrous thing for a physician to say. He hasn’t examined a single other person other than Donald Trump who’s running for president. It’s bogus and ludicrous,” Benenson continued, calling on Trump to release his tax returns as well.

Okay, folks. Not only is no comment required, no comment is preferred.


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