The Week in Pictures: Trumplosion Edition?

I’m on the road this weekend—literally on the road, as in by car—so this gallery was actually posted up ahead of time a couple of days ago, during the flurry of media hype about an “intervention” with Donald Trump by senior GOP figures. I doubt this idea is very serious. Is Trump really going to listen to Newt Gingrich? What could go wrong? And what is the right nomenclature for Trump at this point? Trumperdammerung? Trumpnado? Trumpismo?

Trump self destruct copy Trump Lambs copy Trump Tape copy

Pence restate copy Trump Strings copy

Arc de Trumph copy Hillary Wall Street copy Hedge Fund Hillary copy Dem Extremists copy Contrasting Convetions copy Trump on Porn copy 100 days copy Hillary v Trump copy Bill Live with Hillary copy Voting Dilemma copy Worst Nominee copy

Trump Sacrifice copy

Hacking Hillary copy

Trump Putin copy

Careless Hillary copy

Media Distortion copy

Undocumented Felon copy

Islam Doubletalk copy Giant Meteor copy

Who knew Nelson Mandella was a racist?

Who knew Nelson Mandella was a racist?

ISIS Contained 2 copy

Iran Ransom copy

Gay Loggers? copy

Now I’ve seen everything.

Rickroll 2 copy Donut Philosophy copy Pkoeart copy

Histroical Pokemon copy Oil Price copy Pig Machine copy Home Early copy

Leave for Keith Richards copy MTV copy

Passing Prius copy Porn Plumbers' copy

MBA copy

And finally. . .

Hot Girl 2 copy