Trump Bestrides the News Like a Colossus

Donald Trump’s obituary is being written on a daily basis, but he continues to dominate the news. I can’t really explain it: sure, he is a unique candidate who breaks most of the rules, but still. Check out the top stories in politics and opinion on CNN, as of this afternoon. It isn’t quite all Trump all the time, but it’s close:

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 4.28.32 PM

Of course, most of the stories are negative. But I’m not sure all that negativity is serving its purpose. Do liberals really want Donald Trump to monopolize the news?

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, isn’t bestriding anything. She can barely make it up a flight of stairs. These two photos, one from Getty and one from Reuters, emerged today. Mrs. Clinton apparently needed the help of several aides to make it up a short flight of stairs:



I haven’t been able to find these pictures on either the Reuters site or the Getty Images site, so I suppose it is possible that someone faked them and cleverly applied those companies’ watermarks, but it doesn’t seem likely. Once again, we are left to wonder about the state of Hillary’s health. But don’t expect reporters to focus on it any time soon. It is pretty much all Trump, and all negative, all the time.


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