Unfortunate political news from Tennessee

I’ve written several times about the Republican primary race in Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District. In that contest, Grant Starrett challenged incumbent Rep. Scott DesJarlais. I strongly supported Grant and encouraged readers to do the same.

On Tuesday, the voters opted for the incumbent. DesJarlais won by about 5,500 votes, 54.5 to 42.7. Though hardly a resounding triumph for an incumbent, it is more than sufficient and, in its own sad way, impressive considering DesJarlais’ scabrous history.

As Tennessean David French says, Grant can hold his head high. He ran extraordinarily hard and gave the voters a strong conservative alternative to the squishy incumbent. I doubt that we have heard the last of Grant.

Thanks to all of our readers who supported Grant’s effort to upgrade the Republican congressional bloc. An upgrade is sorely needed.