Another Good Reason To Be a Conservative

A survey of more than 19,000 Europeans from the UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden finds that those who describe themselves as “very right wing” are happiest with their sex lives:

The survey … found in most countries sexual satisfaction increased the further right you went along the political spectrum.

In the UK, people with left wing politics were least likely to describe their sex lives as satisfying (with 66% of people saying they were), versus 73% for those saying they were “very right wing”.

This chart says it all:


This isn’t at all surprising. There is a considerable body of sociological data that shows conservatives are generally happier than liberals in all respects. (This European survey found that correlation, too.) Leftism is an ideology, for the most part, of the frustrated, the insecure and the unsuccessful–those who don’t like the world and want to remake it in their image.

For a great deal more on this subject, see Peter Schweizer’s excellent Makers and Takers, which, as I recall, focuses mostly on data from the U.S.



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