Charlie Crist vouches for Hillary’s honesty; hilarity ensues

Who is the biggest charlatan in American politics today? Once, I would have said John Edwards, but he’s out of the game (as far as I know).

These days, I think the correct answer is Charlie Crist. You can get a good sense of why I award the biggest charlatan title to Crist in this post and this one.

One might have thought that, like John Edwards, Crist is out of the game. After all, he’s run unsuccessfully for Senator and Governor in the past six years.

Think again. Crist is running for the House in Florida’s 13th congressional district. He’s trying to unseat Rep. David Jolly.

Larry Sabato rates the race “leans Democratic.” Shocking. Had I realized this two weeks ago, I probably would have recommended Jolly to my colleagues as one of our Power Line picks.

Crist and Jolly debated earlier this week. During the debate, Crist, a former Republican, explained why he intends to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. He stated:

I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she’s been a very good secretary of state, a very good senator from the state of New York. The thing I like most about her is I believe she is steady, I believe that she is strong, I believe that she is honest, and I look forward to voting for her.

Whereupon the Tampa audience burst into laughter.

Watch for yourself.