Don’t Click on this

No matter how much trouble they stir up or get themselves into, left-wing moonbats always land on their feet. Thus the recent landing of Melissa Click at Gonzaga University in Spokane, fresh off her firing from Mizzou for her widely viewed thuggish behavior.

How did she do it? Her landing apparently does not have great local support in town or among Gonzaga alumni. The Spokesman-Review reports here. KREM2 reports here (video below).

One or more of Robert Conquest’s three laws of politics should cover the Click case, but it may warrant a fourth or an addendum to cover it fully.

Quotable quote from university spokesman Mary Joan Hahn: “We are well aware of the discussion prompted by our hiring of Dr. Melissa Click. We are logging phone calls and emails, and listening closely and carefully to what folks have to say, paying particular attention to members of the Gonzaga University family. We sincerely appreciate that students, alumni and other members of the Gonzaga family care about this University.”