Elect This Kid Class President King

Most of our colleges and universities seem determined to make fools of themselves, thereby eroding their support from taxpayers, in the case of public schools, and alumni and parents, in the case of private ones. One common cause of unintended hilarity is the insistence on allowing each student to choose his or her pronoun. No, wait–I shouldn’t say “his” or “her.” In today’s world, that is assuming way too much.

At the University of Michigan, a young man–a conservative, I am happy to say–struck back against the prevailing nonsense by choosing “His Highness” as his official pronoun. Give the kid a medal:

A student has taken advantage of the opportunity afforded by University of Michigan’s new pronoun policy, which allows students to list their chosen pronouns on the official bios that are sent out to their teachers.

The student, Grant Stroble, has listed his pronoun as “His Majesty.”

The University of Michigan, like many other schools, encourages this sort of nonsense. This is from a university publication:

Students can designate pronouns in Wolverine Access through the new Gender Identity tab within the Campus Personal Information section. This page can be used to enter, update or delete pronoun information.

Designated pronouns will automatically populate on all class rosters accessed through Wolverine Access. Rosters pulled from other systems will not have designated pronouns listed. If a student does not designate a pronoun, none will be listed.


In other words, when professors receive the list of students enrolled in their classes, there will be a designated pronoun next to their names. Strobles’s is “His Majesty.”

Grant Stroble should be an inspiration to fellow students around the country. It’s time to get creative with pronouns, and prompt enough ridicule to bring the foolish edifice of “inclusive” pronoun-speak crashing down.

Via, who else, InstaPundit.


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