Finally, a Baker Liberals Can Love

In Louisiana, a 17-year-old girl who was about to turn 18 and was excited to vote in her first election went to a local bakery and asked for a birthday cake with an American flag and “Trump 2016” on it. No way, said the woman behind the counter. No Trump!

The baker was well within her rights, of course. We have freedom of conscience in America, and she shouldn’t be forced to decorate a cake in a manner that is antithetical to her own beliefs. Right? Right. If she wants to lose the sale to someone else, it is her call. That is my tolerant opinion of this incident; maybe a few liberals will learn a lesson from it.

Actually, in this case the woman who refused to put “Trump 2016” on a cake didn’t own the bakery. The owner issued an apology and offered to make the cake. By then, of course, the teenager had gone elsewhere. The lesson remains the same.


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