For the House, Stewart Mills

Power Line helped to launch Stewart Mills’s political career in 2013, when we posted his video letter to senators Franken and Klobuchar. The video was an effective defense of gun rights in general, and the AR-15 in particular. Mills’s family owned Mills Fleet Farm, a chain of rural/exurban Midwestern stores that sell, among many other things, a store brand AR-15. Stewart’s video performance was so good that his friends told him he should go into politics. Stewart agreed, citing his family’s hunting camp rule: anyone who complains about something has to try to fix it.

Stewart ran against incumbent Democrat Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s 8th District in 2014, and lost a narrow race that attracted an enormous amount of Democratic Party money. Nolan is a retread who once represented a different Minnesota district, and is seen as ripe for defeat.

Since 2014, Mills and his family have sold their company, and he is contributing substantially to his own campaign. Still, he needs help from fellow conservatives.

Stewart and Heather Mills with children

Stewart and Heather Mills with children

Stewart is a friend of mine, a good guy and a solid, common-sense conservative. He is a strong candidate who has learned from his experience two years ago, and is favored by many to win this time, even though presidential years are traditionally tough for Minnesota Republicans. Minnesota’s 8th District is historically Democratic territory–Duluth, the Iron Range, and the remote northwestern portion of the state. Mills’s family has lived in the 8th for generations.

The 8th is rapidly morphing into Republican territory. Hillary Clinton is deeply unpopular there, and Donald Trump leads her in the polls I have seen by ten to twenty points. Trump may be a drag on the Republican ticket in Twin Cities suburbs, but he is a boon in the northern part of the state, and his presence on the ticket will be a big help to Stewart Mills.

The bottom line is that Minnesota’s 8th District is a huge opportunity for a GOP takeover that will strengthen the party’s control of the House. Replacing a hack Democrat like Rick Nolan with a solid conservative like Stewart Mills is as big an upgrade as you could wish for. I urge you to go here and contribute whatever you can to his campaign.