From the crazy mixed-up FBI files of Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton

The FBI released a redacted set of documents including its Hillary 302 notes and related materials this past Friday before the holiday weekend. The documents are accessible in two sets posted in PDF format here.

Releasing the documents as we roll into a holiday weekend represents classic scandal management practice. It raises the question whether the FBI was acting on Clinton’s behalf protecting her, or on its own behalf protecting its reputation? Although much has been written about the file’s revelations, I haven’t seen anyone address that question specifically. The answer may well be both.

The FBI’s get-out-of-jail free card to Clinton represents a scandal all by itself. FBI Director Comey’s purported rationale should make him a laughingstock. Comey gave a fancy and implausible gloss on the bureau’s recommendation that Clinton not be prosecuted for crimes that leap out even of the redacted FBI file documents. It tends to show how far we have gone down the path toward becoming a banana republic.

Leafing through the documents when they were released on Friday, I could not believe how damning virtually every paragraph was. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to take a look at these file materials with your own eyes. The woman is a pathological criminal and liar.

In USA Today Glenn Reynolds takes a peek here. At the Federalist Bre Payton reviews some highlights here. CNN does likewise here; Politico does likewise here; the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza does likewise here.

Byron York’s Washington Examiner column deserves special attention. Byron raises the question: “Did Team Clinton destroy documents under subpoena?”