Ilhan Omar: Fox News pierces the silence

Preya Samsundar appeared for a brief segment on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the Ilhan Omar story with our friend Pete Hegseth. Although the segment barely skimmed the surface of Preya’s reportage — Preya’s most recent stories are posted here (August 22), here (August 26) and here (September 2) — it introduced the story to a national audience.

With the exception of Preya’s work at Alpha News, the sound of silence has enveloped this story in the Minnesota media. Pete asks why that is so. Given Pete’s set-up to the question, the question answers itself.

To see an example of the allegations of bigotry that accompany exploration of this story, see, e.g., David Brauer’s August 18 Medium post castigating Power Line. Brauer hasn’t returned to the subject since Preya has joined the chase. Although I have a few cards of my own to play against a jerk like Brauer, Preya is a somewhat tougher target against whom to lob accusations of bigotry than I am, and she is one unintimdated soul.


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