Join Us For Tonight’s Debate

Tonight’s debate shapes up as an epic confrontation. It should be the most-watched debate in presidential history, with 100 million or more tuning in, and it could have a decisive impact on this year’s election. One fun way to follow the proceedings in the company of hundreds (maybe thousands) of your fellow conservatives will be to log into Power Line Live. You can comment on the action as you see what others are saying. No doubt some of the Power Line crew will be hanging out there.

I will be doing something a little different, however. The Young Leadership Council, an arm of my think tank, Center of the American Experiment, will be holding a debate watching party at the Pourhouse, a downtown Minneapolis bar. Not only will I attend the YLC party, I will attempt to live-stream the debate, the party and my commentary (along with occasional guests) to Power Line, via YouTube. If it works–and Joe Malchow assures me that it will!–you will be able to tune into the live stream by clicking on a post here on Power Line. The live stream should start twenty minutes or so before the debate begins.

The YLC crowd, while generally respectable, might be a little rowdy for this event. I am told we will be in a section of the Pourhouse called the “Hooch.” If you live in or near the Twin Cities, you are invited. Who knows, if it all works you may be live streamed onto the PL site.

Here is the invitation to the YLC event if you can make it. It costs just $15 and includes appetizers and a drink. (Depending on how the debate goes, you may want several.)


And this is what the Pourhouse looks like when it isn’t hosting presidential debate parties:


One way or another, we hope you will tune in to Power Line as you follow the proceedings tonight.