Live from Council Bluffs, Trump on the stump

Nebraska attorney Dave Begley returned to his stomping grounds in Council Bluffs to file another of his reports on the appearances of the presidential candidates. Here he gives us Trump on the stump yesterday (full event video below). Dave writes:

The freewheelin’ Donald Trump is a thing of the past as he spoke on Wednesday using the TelePrompter. The speech was more structured but it needed some editing. The main point of the event – before a full room of over 1,000 – was to rally the troops and get out the vote. The speech had two main points: attack Madam Hillary and revisit the things that Trump will accomplish as an agent of change.

Trump hit Hillary very hard. Hillary is the insider fighting for her donors. Trump will fight for you. Her only real success in 26 years was in making herself rich; $100 million in donations from Wall Street along with $4.1 million in speaking fees. Follow the money. The office of Secretary of State was sold. Checks were written and favors granted. Special interests own Hillary. They get what they want to serve their globalist agenda but we – the American people – don’t get what we want.

On the email cover-up Trump noted that 33,000 emails were deleted and “bleached” after they were subpoenaed by Congress. Her phones were destroyed by hammers and her aides took the Fifth and were granted immunity by the FBI as in Mafia cases. He noted that her greatest achievement is getting away with her email scheme and subsequent cover-up.

Trump asked how many more Clinton scandals this country can survive. His call to end Clinton corruption brought wild cheers. Do we need Clinton drama – on multiple fronts – for the next four years?

He noted that her campaign is unserious. Clinton’s invocation of something to do with Miss Universe twenty years ago only proves Trump’s point. The leader of the Free World should be decided on something more substantive than that frivolity, but that’s what Hillary has. The woman card: deal me in.

Looking back at Monday’s debate, Trump asserted that he won. Maybe he did, but he really needs to practice. The fact-checkers might even agree with Trump that Madam Hillary failed in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, China and North Korea. I note that 450,000 are presumed dead in Syria (that’s roughly equivalent to Omaha’s population) and millions have been displaced in the Middle East in the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. And this woman has the right experience for a promotion? As Trump has said, Hillary has experience but it is all bad.

As the change agent, Trump ticked off the things he will accomplish. I note that he has the capacity to do them as the GOP will control Congress. Hillary won’t be able to pass her legislation. We will get gridlock and extra-constitutional executive actions from her. You know his items: build a wall, end sanctuary cities, lower taxes, better trade deals, repeal Obamacare, repeal Common Core, school choice, cut regulations, kill the Green agenda, promote American energy, build infrastructure and appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.

It appears to me that Trump is targeting the industrial midwest and Council Bluffs certainly fits that profile. The crowd was very much blue collar and this is where the election will be won if it is won. After Iowa, the hardest working man in politics left for the great north woods of Wisconsin for another rally. Trump said he will fight “for every neglected part of this country.”

His only guest on stage was the mother of Sarah Root. This young woman was killed by an drunk illegal alien in Omaha the day after she graduated from college with highest honors. The illegal alien bailed out of jail and is gone. In a surprising twist I spoke with a woman from Lincoln, Nebraska, who had a family member or friend – in the late ’90’s – raped at the Cornhusker Hotel. This foreigner had crossed the line numerous times but he returned to rape in downtown Lincoln. He is now in the Nebraska Penitentiary and is soon to be released, but my question is how he will fare in a Hillary Clinton administration.

Rudy Guilani introduced Trump (his introduction is included in the video below). He challenged the notion that Trump is somehow friendly with Putin. Drawing on his experience putting the Mafia away, the former United States Attorney stated: “If you cave in to them, they take advantage of you.” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton drew a line in Syria and it was crossed. Now Russia runs wild.


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