“Minnesota man” strikes in St. Cloud

When the United States Attorney for Minnesota brought the case against Somali Minnesotans with seeking to wage jihad with ISIS in Syria last year, headlines around the country reported the filing of terrorism charges against “Minnesota men.” I’ve drawn on the “Minnesota men” euphemism for three Weekly Standard articles about the case and now for the online column “A ‘Minnesota man’ strikes in St. Cloud.”

I have been grateful for the opportunity to bring what I have to say about the through-the-looking-glass world we live in here in Minnesota, or this aspect of it anyway, to the Standard’s readers. The same certainly applies to this column. In it I put Dahir Adan’s stabbing rampage in the context of the terrorism case that resulted in six guilty pleas and three guilty verdicts. Please check it out.

Incidentally, the “Minnesota men” have yet to be sentenced by Judge Davis. Judge Davis has scheduled the sentencing of the nine men at hearings on November 14, 15 and 16. In the Weekly Standard article “Judging the ‘Minnesota men,'” I wrote about the novel sentencing arrangement Judge Davis has established in the case.


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