Obama Loves Us Despite Our Faults

Barack Obama has always regretted, I think, that he doesn’t have a country that is worthy of him. From his earliest days in office, he has eagerly chronicled our faults, real and fabricated, while in the halls of our enemies. This has not endeared him to me, or to many other Americans.

In his final speech to the United Nations, Obama said that he believes America has been a force for good in the world. Michael Ramirez wonders–in a cartoon that is aesthetically gorgeous, by the way–how that can be true, given the various indictments that Obama has leveled against his native land. Click to enlarge:


One silver lining of the current presidential campaign is that our next president surely will love America, or at least like America, considerably more than Obama does. In Hillary’s case, if only because she has gotten so rich here.