Security guards, Minnesota style

I wrote on Power Line about the huge federal terrorism case against Minnesota’s Somali ISIS wannabes daily during the trial of the three defendants who contested the charges as well as in the Weekly Standard articles “The threat from ‘Minnesota men,” “Judging the ‘Minnesota men,'” and “‘Minnesota men’ on trial.” I also reviewed it in the Star Tribune column “What I saw at the trial.”

Yesterday I recalled one moment in the trial in connection with the stabbing rampage at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud on Saturday evening — the presentation of a piece of evidence that passed in a flash without comment. The evidence was a photograph of one of the defendants dressed in the uniform he wore when he worked as a security guard in the Twin Cities. I think the photograph must have had the same effect on the jury as it did on me. It made me reflect on the the Alice-in-Terrorland world we have in Minnesota.

As I recall (and on this point I am writing from recollection), the defendant was smiling in the photograph. Who was that smiling man? Reviewing my pieces on the trial, I see that it was Guled Omar.

Omar was the only defendant to testify on his own behalf at trial, I believe against the advice of his attorney. He fell apart on the mediocre cross-examination conducted by Assistant United States Attorney Andrew Winter, but it didn’t matter. He would have been convicted even if he had stood on his right not to testify, as his two co-defendants at trial did.

The family background Omar presented at trial proved instructive. Omar was born in a Kenyan refugee camp. He was roughly three years old when his family moved to the United States. His family emigrated to Kenya as a result of the Somali civil war. His father was shot three times in the conflict and lost his left leg as a result of the injuries. His father is disabled, but his disability gave him preferential immigration treatment by the United States.

Don’t ask me; I can’t explain.

Omar’s father has disappeared from the United States. He has left Omar’s mother with a rather large family. Omar has nine sisters and four brothers. They live in housing subsidized by a Section 8 voucher, although that must be the least of it.

guledomar Omar was easily the most dour of the defendants. That’s his mug shot above. Think about the security he radiated working as a security guard detailed by a temp agency to the Target Northern HR campus in suburban Minneapolis.

Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen also worked as a security guard at PGA Village just before he committed the massacre.

Dahir Adan went one better. Adan, the perpetrator of the St. Cloud stabbing rampage, not only worked as a security guard, he committed the stabbings in uniform.

Well, it could have been worse. He could have worked on the tarmac at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport along with two other of the “Minnesota men” involved in the federal terrorism case.


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