Some Power Line Victory Laps

It’s always nice to see folks catch up with the stories that we were on to early.

My old AEI colleague Desmond Lachman worried in The Hill a couple days ago that “An Italian financial crisis poses huge threat to global economy.” Do tell. In fact, we did, back in late July, in “Keep Your Eye on Italy.”

The Washington Post yesterday took note of how conservatives are starting to wake up to, and publicly criticize, the defects of Fox News. We pointed out some of the problems with Fox that are now getting sustained attention way back in 2013, in “Is Fox Actually a Hedgehog?” Worth a second read. And if you want more Fox gossip, see this New York magazine piece. Meanwhile, it is reported today that Gretchen Carlson has reached a $20 million settlement for her sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox. Which seems rather fast. I guess Fox didn’t even want to risk any depositions in the case.

Paul notes this morning that the Washington Post has stumbled across the story of how Bill Clinton was the “honorary” chancellor of Laureate University, a for-profit family of schools that paid President Clinton $18 million for the privilege. You’d think for that kind of money Clinton could be a real chancellor. We brought up this story way back in June (“The Clinton University Scandal?”), which at the time only Jonathan Turley had seemed to notice. The Post story today offers significant new details about State Department involvement with Laureate University. Can we just start the Clinton impeachment proceedings now, and save time? How about a bumper sticker: “Impeach Clinton: This Time We’ll Finish the Job.”


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