The Power Line Show, Ep. 42: A Rising Star on the Right

Jeremy Carl copy

Jeremy Carl

I’ve done another of my “rogue” solo podcasts this week with someone I think is a rising star among conservative writers and thinkers—Jeremy Carl of the Hoover Institution. This week he has a terrifically fun piece up at National Review about how lefties are opposing a carbon tax proposal in Washington state because it doesn’t grow government enough, proving once again that many lefties will never let the good get in the way of the perfect. He also had a great piece a couple weeks ago calmly analyzing the knotty issue of Trump’s supposed “white identity politics,” which drew a spirited but respectful response from Jonah Goldberg. Check out his author page (use the search window) at National Review for a complete inventory.

We sat down in person way back in late June for a short conversation mostly about energy and the environment, but also Trump and populism, and I’ve let it sit in the can too long. The total show is just 22 minutes long, perfect for the average commute according to the Dept. of Transportation.


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