The Week in Pictures: Labor Day News Dump Edition

So I know what I’m not going to do for the Labor Day weekend. I’m not going to get sucked into reading the Hillary FBI file. I’m not going to waste my time thinking about Kaper Colonick, or whatever his name is. Tonight, in fact, I’m going to do something really silly: I’m going to take in what’s left of the old 70s prog-rock band Yes, playing nearby, and seeing whether they really are in fact torturing audiences with a complete recitation of Tales from Topographic Oceans. You don’t even need to drop LSD with something as egregious as this.

Clinton Foundation copy Hillary Reptile copy State Clinton copy Days since last scandal copy Saving private emails copy Scooby Clinton copy Sasquatch Hillary copy Nixon v Hillary copy IMG_5856 copy

Brady to Kaepernick copy

Kaep Sack copy Ramirez on Kaep copy

Kaep 3 copy Tebow v Kaepernick copy Kaepernick ass copy Kaepernick copy

HiffPoVv NRA copy Obamacare wallet copy

Muslims v Christians copy Ted Kemmedy Sober copy

Samuel L. Jackson copy

What would they say if they came up against Kenny Stabler?

Red Shirt Treatment copy Pekahaans copy Local Rock copy Bacon tape copy Gene Wilder copy

Pokemon nest copy Beatles Pokemon copy Mrs Hippie copy

And finally. . .

Gun Girl


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