There’s something about Hillary’s health

Readers who have been following the saga of Hillary’s dubious health will remember that Dr. Lisa Bardack is Clinton’s personal physician. At Tom Lifson’s American Thinker site, Jay Michaels gives Dr. Bardack’s letters testifying to Hillary’s good health the kind of close reading that Leo Strauss brought to Plato’s dialogues. Michaels’s post comes with the suitably literary heading “Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian bargain.”

Pursuing a theme we have articulated here several times, Michaels observes: “Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her.” (The same observation applies of course to Bill Clinton. They are well matched in that respect.) I don’t have any expertise to bring to bear on Michaels’s post, and I find some of it questionable, but the whole (long) thing is of interest. Thanks in advance to any commenters who are willing to share their expertise in the comments below.


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