Will Media Frenzy Lead to Hillary Meltdown?

The mainstream news media can usually be counted upon to be on the side of the Democratic candidate, but when there’s a big story to be broken, professional self-interest takes precedence, and reporters start racing each other. With the admission this afternoon that Hillary has pneumonia, reporters aren’t going to back off demanding greater transparency. The pneumonia story might even be true, but after all these years of Clinton prevarication, even the media has to be reaching the point of no return.

So I’m following some mainstream media Twitter feeds this afternoon, and this pops up first:


Hmmm. The California trip is just for fundraisers, not for any strenuous campaign rallies. So how hard can that trip be? Maybe there’s another reason? How about this from NBC’s David Shuster:


Wonder if he has a source for this? I’m sure he does. An NBC reporter would never run without a real source. Right?

Meanwhile, I can’t tell if this next one is satire or trolling. Maybe we need a new category: “strolling.”


Seriously? A Canadian source informs me there were 120 heat-related deaths in Toronto just last year. I’m sure before the day is out someone on the left will blame Hillary’s “overheating” on climate change.

And by the way, isn’t “overheated” the normal condition for most liberals?

And here’s a Tweet Hillary may want to take down:



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