A word from Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is a conservative stalwart and a Power Line pick in his race for reelection. He sends this message to Power Line readers:

This is a critically important election that will decide not only control of the United States Senate, but the future of our country. In Wisconsin, voters have a clear choice — while I am a commonsense conservative plastics manufacturer with a record of delivering for Wisconsin, my opponent is a 34-year career politician running a negative campaign because he has little in the way of accomplishments.

The world is a more dangerous place today as a result of the failed policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. As the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, I’m committed to securing our border and adopting a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS. I’ve also worked to reform and hold the federal government accountable — using my committee chairmanship to uncover waste, fraud and abuse, and serving as a consistent voice for fiscal sanity and reining in our federal debt and deficit.

Thank you for your your support. Together, I look forward to continuing our fight for freedom.

We are happy to report that Sen. Johnson has pulled just about even with Russ Feingold, the man he defeated six years ago. You can help Sen. Johnson defeat the ultra-liberal Feingold by contributing here. I just did.