Annoy Meg Whitman, support Scott Garrett

Meg Whitman is the chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. A liberal Republican, she was crushed by Jerry Brown when she ran for governor of California in 2010, an excellent year for the GOP.
This year, Whitman has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Not content with endorsing a left-wing crook for the nation’s highest office, Whitman is doing her part to give Clinton a Democratic House by endorsing Democrat Josh Gottheimer for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth District. The seat is held by Rep. Scott Garrett, a Power Line pick.

Whitman endorsed Gottheimer, a former speechwriter for Bill Clinton and John Kerry, because she considers Rep. Garrett a “Republican extremist.” Garrett, a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, is backed by the Club for Growth and has a lifetime ACU rating of 99.38.

To a Hillary Clinton supporter, this does, indeed, make Garrett “a Republican extremist.” To folks like me, it makes Garrett a conservative stalwart.

This Wall Street Journal article suggests, per a political analyst at Rider University, that Whitman’s endorsement could sway moderate Republican voters who are “uneasy with some of the more conservative elements in their own party.” Perhaps. More important, it seems to me, is Whitman’s financial backing and that of her donor network.

The fact that Whitman has singled out Rep. Garrett as a Republican to oppose confirms the wisdom (if I say so myself) of making him a Power Line pick. It also prompts me to contribute again to his campaign. You can do so, and annoy Meg Whitman, here.