(C) is for Cartwright

Retired Marine General James Cartwright pleaded guilty last week to lying to the FBI in its investigation of him for leaking classified information to a reporter. Drawing on Josh Rogin’s Washington Post column, I wrote briefly about the guilty plea in “The case of General Cartwright.”

Now former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy devotes his weekly NRO column to a comparison of the Clinton email investigation with the prosecution of General Cartwright. It’s a superb exposition of the double standard operative in the Clinton case.

It’s not funny, although it reads like satire. It certainly warrants his addition to Hillary’s enemies list. If only we could get Slow Joe Biden to read it, he would want to invite Andy to meet him back behind the high school gym.

The video below places the Clinton email scandal in a musical setting. It takes us from James Comey to musical comedy. The video is aptly titled “Hillary Clinton & James Comey — what difference does it make?”


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