Hillary Is Pulling Away

It has taken a while for post-debate polls to accumulate, but the verdict is now in, and it is grim for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has opened up a meaningful lead in almost every national poll, as undecided voters appear to be breaking her way. This is how the polls look today at Real Clear Politics; click to enlarge:


Trump’s standing reflects not just his debate performance, but also his post-debate behavior. Trump has suffered two periods when he took a hit in the polls. The first was after the Democratic convention, when he engaged in a four-day battle with the family of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. The second follows the first debate, when Trump absurdly feuded with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who now becomes a footnote to history. One could say that Trump is a slow learner.

Our foreign policy is a bad joke, we are $20 trillion in debt, Obamacare is collapsing, our economy is stagnant, and the Democrats have nominated their worst candidate in living memory. Inconceivable as it seemed to me a few months ago, it now appears that the Democrats have a good chance of hanging on to the White House for another four years.


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