Loose Ends (13)

The best laugh line of the week comes from—where else?—the New York Times, which ran an op-ed about how Trump’s hypermasculinity is causing problems for the raising of boys. Here’s the punch line from the piece:

Even at my son’s preschool, the children’s interest in Mr. Trump led to a circle-time discussion about bullying.

Ah yes, circle time. Wonder if that preschool had circle time discussion of President Clinton back in 1998?

The creepy clown scare is a perfect metaphor of this election cycle, but the whole thing is getting out of hand. A county in Mississippi is banning clown costumes completely. And the clown menace has even spread to Australia:

THE creepy clown craze that has America on high alert has spread to Australia, with copycat pranksters sparking warnings from police that dressing up and scaring people is no laughing matter. . .

Yesterday, police in south-west Sydney issued a stern warning to would-be clown pranksters following sightings reported on social media in Minto, Ingleburn and Campbelltown.

Maybe people should just dress up in sombreros instead. Oh, wait. . .

Regular reminder: It is an outrage that half of all Americans are below the median! I’m sure Bernie Sanders has lots of ideas to fix this.

If you don’t mind the foul language, one of the best explanations for the rise of Trump, as understood by reference to popular movies, appears in the most unlikely place, Cracked: “How Half of American Lost Its F**king Mind.” The analysis of the piece doesn’t actually match up to the headline, and is quite sympathetic to Trumpers and highly critical of our ruling class.

Interesting to see ABC News cover the story of Russia’s potential war preparations in much the same way we did in “The Gathering Storm” about 10 days ago.

Finally, from the “How Can They Tell?” Department: “Philosophy Professors Receive Packets of Poop.” Sounds like a great time-saver to me.


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