No Question Now: Obama Lied [Updated]

In March 2015, President Obama said that he didn’t know about his own Secretary of State’s use of an off-the-books email server. He said that he learned about it on the news, the same as the rest of us.

That tweet prompted an explosive email thread from today’s Wikileaks dump showing that Obama’s denial of knowledge was a shock to the Hillary campaign. Josh Schwerin wrote to Jennifer Palmieri and others:


This is a news flash because Hillary’s staffers all knew it wasn’t true. The message was forwarded to Hillary’s consigliere Cheryl Mills, who noted–only to John Podesta, not to the larger group of underlings–that Obama’s statement was untrue and needed to be “cleaned up.”


Two things are interesting about this. First, that Hillary’s staffers were all aware, apparently, that Hillary had used her home server to communicate with the President. Second, that Obama’s lie never was “cleaned up.” As far as I know, no correction has ever been made, and I don’t believe any reporter has ever asked Obama why he claimed to have no knowledge of Hillary’s illegal handling of classified information when he himself corresponded with her on her illegal server–using an alias!

In a normal election cycle, this would be explosive news.

UPDATE: There’s this, too: Neera Tanden, who now runs the Democratic Party auxiliary Center for American Progress, corresponding with her former boss, now Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, about the Clinton campaign’s grotesque handling of the email issue. It’s a “Cheryl [Mills] special”:


To which Podesta replies, “Unbelievable.” Just a month later, Podesta would be unveiled as Hillary’s campaign manager. Neera Tanden responds with a moment of unscripted truthfulness:


“They wanted to get away with it.” This is extraordinarily revealing. The email exchange is between two of Hillary Clinton’s most important supporters, one of them now her campaign chairman, but they take for granted the assumption that she is a crook. Why? Because they know her well.


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