(Re)Enter the FBI: Hillary speaks

Hillary Clinton held a four-minute press conference tonight that followed the script John Podesta had developed earlier in the day (video below).

In her statement Clinton demanded that the FBI declare the substance of the information it has obtained to trigger additional investigation of her case. Herewith ten tentative thoughts as of this evening.

1. Hillary Clinton projects anger in her statement. She is indignant. She thought she was home free.

2. Clinton is angry at FBI Director James Comey, who recently blew his repututation to give her a get-out-of-jail-free pass. If she is elected, there will be Hill to pay.

3. Clinton says she has no idea what it’s all about. She apparently hasn’t had a chance to ask Huma Abedin what’s up, so to speak.

4. Clinton took three questions and more or less repeated her statement in her response to each of the three questions. Then she pulled the plug.

5. Brief as her comments were, Clinton could not help herself from injecting the obligatory falsehood, accusing Comey of addressing his letter announcing the additional investigation solely to Republicans. Although the letter was addressed to the Republican chairmen of the relevant Congressional committees, it was copied to ranking Democrats. This is a person of profoundly bad character.

6. Having kicked over the hornet’s nest to excuse Madam Hillary this past July, Comey must be dealing with agents who have found something that implicates Clinton in serious wrongdoing.

7. Having given her a pass, Comey cannot be pleased to be the subject of the Clinton camp’s implicit imputation of wrongdoing to him now.

8. Clinton and Podesta are making demands that the FBI cannot meet. They want a talking point to get them through the next few days.

9. Clinton and Podesta must be confident that the FBI won’t have anything further to say before November 8.

10. If the FBI could talk as demanded, Clinton would be toast.