The Clinton cash nexus, RICO style

Yesterday I briefly noted “The Clinton cash nexus” with links to pieces touching on the recent “Bill Clinton Inc.” WikiLeaks revelations. Now comes Andrew McCarthy with a look at the Clinton cash nexus through the eyes of a former federal prosecutor (i.e., his own). Plot spoiler: Andy finds a criminal racketeering enterprise at the heart of the enterprise. Andy’s column — “Clinton’s State Department: A RICO enterprise” — presents the most lucid exposition of Hillary Clinton’s role in the enterprise that I have come across so far.

NOTE: Coincidentally, NRO has posted Andy’s current National Review cover story looking back at “James Comey’s dereliction” in the email investigation. It is unbelievable that these scandals have come to view and remain in plain sight while the perpetrator is on the verge of election to the presidency of the United States.