The P-Word Through History

Okay, that’s a good example of a post title that over-promises. But Paul wrote earlier about Bill Clinton’s use of the now-notorious P-word, and I want to add one bit of evidence as to how leaders–some of them, anyway–talk in private.

Lyndon Johnson was notoriously vulgar. Among other things, he took great, and vocal, pride in the size of the presidential unit. But sticking with the subject at hand, history records that while Johnson was Vice President, his confidant Bobby Baker, having just been with President Kennedy in the Oval Office, got a message that Johnson wanted to see him. Baker said:

As soon as he spotted me LBJ leaned forward and whispered, “Tell me, is ol’ Jack gettin’ much p***y?”

The point, I guess, is that private vulgarity is hardly unique to Donald Trump. Flawed though he certainly is, Trump is a model of probity compared with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


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