The Stretch Drive (3)

What’s going to happen this week? Maybe Donald Trump’s tax returns will be leaked. It is a strange thing that to date none of the Wikileaks dumps of John Podesta’s emails have included any emails to or from Hillary. Is it possible that Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair, never communicated with Hillary by email? I suppose it is possible, but it seems unlikely. This is the week we’ll find out. And what happens with the new FBI matter is totally unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the ABC News/Washington Post poll of likely voters that had Hillary ahead by 12 points a week ago this morning has Hillary ahead by . . . 1 point. Many of the phone surveys for this iteration of the poll likely occurred before the FBI announcement was made, and may reflect the massive Obamacare price hikes, the latest Clinton Foundation news, and the fact that some wavering voters are coming to grips with the thought that they might actually have to listen to Hillary’s condescending, hectoring voice for four years.

Hypothesis: Hillary peaked too soon. This week will be all bad news for her, and nothing much new on Trump. At least that’s what it looks like this afternoon, ten days from the end of the strangest election cycle in modern history.