The Stretch Drive (4)

Wikileaks is out with another 2,500 emails from the Podesta archive this morning, the beginning of what Wikileaks promises to be the beginning of “Phase 3” of its revelations. While we await the crowdsourcing of what’s to be found in this tranche, attention remains fixed on the FBI’s new avenue into Hillary’s email scandal.

CNN has reported in the last hour that the FBI discovered the Hillary-related emails several weeks ago in the course of their investigation of Anthony Weiner’s weiner. This detail is especially interesting:

Technical experts at the FBI began procedures to catalogue the emails found on one of the computers and soon found emails belonging to Abedin. The discovery surprised investigators, triggering legal issues because the search warrant was limited to the sexting case. That’s why the Justice Department sought the new search warrant.

This would seem to lend credence to the view that the FBI must have found something significant. And judging by the ferocious reaction of the Clinton campaign, I’m guessing they did. The better course for Clinton would have been to downplay the whole thing, and claim that there’s nothing to find. Instead, they went with the full “Demonize Ken Starr” playbook.

It’s worth recalling why the Clintons went with the “Demonize Ken Starr” playbook back in 1998 and 1999: because the charges against Bill Clinton were true. Remember that, confronted with poll data showing that the scandal could drive Clinton from office, Bill responded, “Well, I guess we just have to win, then.”

The Clintons have had more political lives than a cat, and have survived scandals that would have brought down anyone else. Maybe this time their luck—and chutzpah—have run out at last? And there are still 12 hours left to October, so plenty of time today for more October Surprises.

Meanwhile since today is Halloween, let’s note that Charles Koch tweeted out his Halloween costume this morning, showing that he has a self-deprecating sense of humor:


This ought to drive more than a few leftists out of their mind. Can you imagine George Soros doing the same? Especially since in his case, all he needs to do is don a hoodie to take on the appropriate image of a villain:


And since we’re worried about microaggressive Halloween costumes, why not go in for full tilt boogie macroaggression:


And special bonus:



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