The Stretch Drive (5), Thiel Edition

The news is going to come fast and furious this week, so we may have to update this series more than once a day. (I’d have re-christened it “Fast and Furious,” but I gather that name has already been taken for some other unrealistic franchise.)

How panicked do you think Hillary’s campaign is? Well today, just in time for Halloween, they’ve rolled out a sequel to the infamous “Daisy” ad from the 1964 campaign against Goldwater—with the same little girl, now not so little:

The other interesting news today is a poll result suggesting that Hillary Clinton is leading in the early voting, by as much as 15 percent. With nearly 20 million votes already cast, it sets up the following problem: suppose there is more news about Hillary this week that devastates her campaign, such that Trump gets more votes than Hillary on election day, but still hangs on because of the early vote? Think that won’t create a big fuss?

Maybe we should rethink the promiscuous use of early voting, such that elections reflect complete campaigns and full information. Presidential campaigns are like basketball games these days: only the last two minutes count.

Finally, if you have a spare hour, Peter Thiel’s speech this morning at the National Press Club on the case for Trump is worth taking in:


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