The three faces of Hillary

Quotable quotes from Hillary Clinton’s speeches to big banks and Wall Street firms are buried in other news today. They are derived from what appear to be John Podesta’s hacked emails. Tim Mak and Andrew Desiderio cull some of the highlights and embed the relevant links for Daily Beast readers in “Leaked Podesta emails show Bernie was right.” There is a distinctly postmodern quality to Clinton’s discussion of the necessity of maintaining “both a public and a private position” on politically contentious issues.

The whole thing reminds me of The Three Faces of Eve, the movie starring Joanne Woodward playing a woman with an alleged case of multiple personality disorder. The real life Eve died this past August. The New York Times published an interesting obituary by Bruce Weber. (Whether or not multiple personality disorder is fact or fiction remains a question beyond me.)

Hillary presents one face molded in the primary battle with Bernie Sanders in the current campaign. She presents another face — also a public face — to big buck donors behind closed doors. That is her high-priced face.

But she has at least one more face. It is the face that she presents in private, where she can share her true beliefs, whatever they are. God help us.


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