The Universal End Point of Socialism

We have written often about Venezuela’s long decline into poverty and chaos, here, here and elsewhere. Among the country’s many humiliations is the fact that its socialist economy can neither produce nor buy toilet paper. It is, I think, a fitting image of the last days of socialism.

Michael Ramirez has, I think, been reading Power Line, and he has created this marvelous image of the fruits of socialism. Click to enlarge:


Many reporters cover the calamities in Venezuela with a air of puzzlement, seemingly having no clue has to why that once-rich country has plunged into poverty. One clueless New York Times reporter even suggested that Venezuela’s poverty is a function of the government not having enough money to run its printing presses fast enough to keep up with inflation! Ramirez is under no such illusions. He places blame squarely where it belongs, on Bernie Sanders-style socialism.


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