The Week in Pictures: Pumpkin Spice Edition

It’s October, which means crisper days, baseball playoffs, more presidential debates, and—pumpkin spice. Maybe we can think of this as the pumpkin spice election, since one candidate is orange like a pumpkin. Some people love pumpkin spice; others find it an abomination. Make of that what you will. But it’s certain we get too much of it all.



trump-emialed-copy 160928-dory-holt

hilary-tactic-copy denate-canned-goods-copy trump-front-row-copy trump-on-rosie-copy 50-50-copy debate-copy election-twister-copy hillary-trump-conspriacy-copy my-little-phony-copy trmp-fired-copy candidate-jeapordy-copy

Best reason yet to vote for Trump.

Best reason yet to vote for Trump.

comey-insurance-copy comey-equal-copy

whos-sexist-copy libertarian-leaders-copy

pumpkin-spice-bullets-copy pumpkin-spice-copy pumpkin-spice-people-copy pumpkin-spice-glock-copy



Carlos Danger has a condo here.

religious-arguments-copy 50-shades-of-hay-copy glue-stick-copy decaf-death-copy coffee-copy chritian-bacon-copy vote-bacon-copy modernism-v-tradition-copy grow-up-copy transgender-pottys-copy

And finally. . .