What Top Democrats Really Thought About Hillary’s Private Server: “F*****g Insane”

Another Wikileaks nugget: in July of last year, Hillary Clinton’s top supporters were worried about her primary race against Bernie Sanders, which was unexpectedly close, and how the emerging off-the-books server scandal would impact it. Neera Tanden of Center for American Progress exchanged emails with her former boss, now Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Initially they fretted about a CNN poll that was about to come out:


Neera then turned to the emerging State Department email scandal:


Heh. That is undoubtedly the most candid comment we have seen from a top Democrat on the server scandal. It is interesting, too, that Tanden assumes Hillary didn’t evaluate the private server herself–some unknown person told her she could do it. And the answer to her question is, no: we don’t know who that person was, and he or she apparently hasn’t been drawn or quartered. If I had to guess, I would guess it was Cheryl Mills, who remains a key member of Hillary’s team, and who was protected from serious inquiry by the FBI by naming her as one of Hillary’s lawyers in the email matter. But that is pure speculation.