Dems hold Harry Reid’s seat

It isn’t going to swing control of the Senate to the Democrats, but Catherine Cortez Masto has defeated Republican Joe Heck in Nevada. This, of course, is the seat currently held by Harry Reid. The Dems will keep it.

The Latino vote probably was decisive in Nevada. I assume it also boosted Hillary Clinton in Colorado. It doesn’t seem to have tipped Arizona to the Democrats, though Hillary is making a pretty good run at the state. (Latinos seem to be fine with John McCain).

Compare these Western states to the industrial Midwest, where the Republicans are running well ahead of expectations. What’s the difference? One factor, is the absence of a strong Latino presence. Or so it seems to me.

I would like to think that a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants will be a non-starter if Donald Trump is our next president — as now seems likely. But in case Trump is tempted to create a path, he should remind himself of tonight’s election returns.


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