Election Notes (1): The Obama Disaster

We’ll all have a lot to say today and the rest of the week, but I have to catch an airplane shortly (if in-flight WiFi is working I’ll be all over things). But a few quick notes.

First, for the liberals who said they’d move to Canada (why never Mexico by the way?), here’s how you move to Canada.

Second, Barack Obama has been a disaster for the Democratic Party. When he took office in 2009, Democrats had large majorities in the House and Senate, 29 governorships, and 27 state legislatures. Now it has neither chamber, and only 18 governorships and 12 state legislatures. There was a Republican landslide for the Kentucky state senate, where the GOP took a majority for the first time in 91 years.

Third, as always, the tweet of the morning belongs to “Iowahawk.”


Fourth, faithful PL reader and commenter Jay Comeau points out the obvious: Time magazine “Person of the Year” is a no-brainer.

Finally, a reminder: I’ll be turning up tonight at the Bohemian Biergarten on 13th Street in Boulder for some bonhomie and beer, ahead of my noon talk at the CU Boulder Law School tomorrow about the election. Of course now I’m going to have to write up a completely new speech, since what I had ready was my “Why Hillary Can’t Govern” thesis.