House (and Toomey) update [UPDATED TWICE]

Scott Garrett came up a little short in New Jersey-5. He’s losing by 11,000 votes with more than 90 percent counted. His opponent has been declared the winner by Politico.

In Minnesota-8, Stuart Mills, another Power Line pick, trails by 3 points and about 10,000 votes with 60 percent counted. This contest is still up for grabs, I assume, but the incumbent Democrat has the edge.

I haven’t seen any returns yet from Utah-4, where Rep. Mia Love is running. She was favored in her race, and we will be hoping for the best.

Switching to the Senate, Sen. Pat Toomey has edged into a slight lead over Kate (“The Not So Great”) McGinty. With more than 5 million votes cast, Toomey is up by 18,000. 95 percent of the vote has been counted. Where in Pennsylvania the remainder comes from, I do not know.

UPDATE: FiveThirtyEight says that Lebanon County, Pennsylvania hasn’t reported yet. That was Romney country four years ago. So if this report is correct, it’s good news for Toomey.

Also for Trump, who has a slight lead (around 3,000 votes) in Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Not looking good for Stuart Mills. He has cut into Rep. Nolan’s lead, but only slightly. The margin is now around 2.5 points and 8,000 votes. About 80 percent of the vote has been tallied.