Is the Battleground Widening?

The Associated Press reports that the Hillary Clinton campaign has resumed running ads in states that formerly were considered safe:

Hillary Clinton is also making plans to air TV commercials in typically Democratic Michigan and New Mexico.

Her campaign said Tuesday it will spend more than $100,000 on TV commercials in each of the two states. That announcement came shortly after Republican Donald Trump’s campaign said it would be advertising there.

Clinton’s campaign earlier confirmed it will be advertising in Colorado for the first time since July. And it also is deploying ads in Virginia for the first time since early August.

Trump, meanwhile, has started advertising in Minnesota. Over the weekend, I saw this commercial twice during NFL games. It is a great ad, hitting exactly the right note: if you think things are going well for the U.S., and you are pleased with our political class, vote for Hillary. She will give you more of the same:

Was Trump just trolling the Clinton campaign, or does his staff seriously think he can compete in Minnesota? I don’t know, but tonight I saw the first Hillary Clinton ad of the campaign, during the World Series game. If the campaigns seriously think Minnesota may be in play, Hillary may be in even worse shape than we thought. Or then again, perhaps the campaigns don’t know what is going on any more than the rest of us.


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