Krugman Freaks Out, Vows to Keep Fighting

There is much to savor this morning, including the hysteria that is sweeping across the Left. We see it in ways large and small. At one of our local colleges, a class was canceled because the professor was crying too hard to teach. “I don’t feel safe here,” she said. The storm troopers were due any minute, apparently.

On a slightly larger (if rapidly fading) stage, Paul Krugman comforts the leftist faithful:

Some morning-after thoughts: what hits me and other [sic] so hard isn’t just the immense damage Trump will surely do, to climate above all.

This is unintentionally hilarious. The idea that the President controls the climate is wholly unscientific, but look on the bright side: if the worst Trump can do is harm the climate, the world is safe!

There’s also a vast disillusionment that as of now I think of as the end of the romantic vision of America (which I still love).

What I mean is the notion of US history as a sort of novel in which there may be great tragedy, but there’s always a happy ending.

Remember how the Democrats loved to tell us that they were on the “right side of history”? That meant that their victory was inevitable. Now, not so much. So is Krugman telling us that they turned out to be on the wrong side of history?

That is, we tell a story in which at times of crisis we always find the leader — Lincoln, FDR — and the moral courage we need.

So Krugman was looking to Hillary Clinton for moral courage? That’s pretty funny, too.

It’s a particular kind of American exceptionalism; other countries don’t tell that kind of story about themselves.

The British never talk about Churchill that way, or the French about DeGaulle.

But I, like others, believed it.

But no longer!

Now it doesn’t look very good, does it?

Actually, it looks pretty great. News flash, Paul: your side lost an election. That’s all.

But giving up is not an option.

Whew! I was afraid he might tell us we wouldn’t have Paul Krugman to kick around any longer.

The world needs a decent, democratic America, or we’re all lost. And there’s still a lot of decency in the nation — it’s just not as dominant as I imagined.

Those who voted for Trump: not just wrong, indecent! This is, of course, the attitude that mainstream Americans can’t stand, and it accounts in considerable part for Trump’s victory, and the ascendancy of the GOP generally. Krugman and his ilk still don’t understand how unpopular they are.

Time to rethink, for sure. But not to surrender.

It doesn’t appear, though, that the rethinking will go very far. As long as they insist that it’s indecent to be a Republican, we can’t expect much change from the Democrats. And you know what that means:



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