Love Trumps Hate!

Liberals see Donald Trump supporters as dark, hateful, potentially dangerous. Yet somehow, the violence–real and symbolic–is all on the other side. This story comes from San Antonio: “2 students, teacher reprimanded for Trump assassination skit.”

Two 10th-grade students at a San Antonio high school and their teacher have been reprimanded for the performance of a skit portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

The San Antonio Express-News reports the skit, titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” was performed last week at Marshall High School. One of the boys used a gunfire sound effect from a cellphone; the other boy, playing Trump, fell to the ground.

I’m trying to imagine a similar story in, say, 2008: high school students and their teacher enact the assassination of Barack Obama. It didn’t happen, of course. If it had, it would have been a news story of cosmic importance. This San Antonio story won’t leave a ripple, like the countless other manifestations of liberal bloodthirstiness that we have witnessed over the past week.