The Trump 2020 Re-Elect Campaign Going Smoothly

The Re-Elect Trump 2020 campaign is off to a great start in the streets of many American cities and college campuses right now. As someone sagely commented, the left’s reaction to Trump’s election is one of the reasons Trump won the election. Rioters in Portland, Oregon, acted out the overdone metaphor of 2016 by setting an actual dumpster fire. Gotta give ‘em style points for that.


It’s another great sign of the infantilization of the left. Back in 1968, the New Left, which had set its sights on destroying Hubert Humphrey and the liberal establishment, actually welcomed Richard Nixon’s victory because they thought it would hasten the revolution. (Peter Collier told me this once, but you can find it here and there in the contemporary literature of the time.) As I mentioned here a couple weeks ago on the occasion of Tom Hayden’s death, today’s new left isn’t your father’s New Left.

Seems to me Revolution Books in Berkeley, which I walk by on way to and from campus, still has the old spirit:


Incidentally, my casual observation when I walk by Revolution Books is that most of the staff and most of their customers are Social Security eligible.


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