Things Are Getting Weird

With the final day of the campaign, things are getting seriously weird out there.

First, a guest on MSNBC outs Victor Davis Hanson:

Malcolm Nance, executive director at the Terror Asymmetrics Project and a commentator on MSNBC, called conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson a Russian spy. I feel compelled to utter the age-old adage, “This is not The Onion.”

“I know some of the spy-catchers in FBI counter-intelligence, guys who have taken down big names, like Aldrich Ames and Victor Davis Hanson,” Nance declared.

I knew it! I always suspected Victor was really a double agent for the Persian empire against the Greeks and Spartans. If you inspect his library you’ll find it’s full of clandestine copies of Xenophon’s The Education of Cyrus, a most subversive tract. There’s a reason he doesn’t mention that book.

Then a Trump spokesperson on CNN this morning called out Jay Z for his endorsement of “Mazel Tov Cocktails” at the Hillary rally the other night. Oy vey! I know the custom drink craze is getting out of hand, but this is just too much.

Finally, in the “life imitating art” department, Samuel L. Jackson, call your office:


Here’s the story, with video!

I’ll be back tonight with final pre-election thoughts and observations.


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