Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll reflects on the UNSOLICITED ADVICE in which we are awash. She writes:

Can it really only have been ten days ago that this miracle occurred? Every time I turn on TV or surf the Net, I feel like I used to feel when I would re-watch the DVDs of the 1987 World Series Twins victory. I was always terrified that THIS TIME the Twins might lose.

But no. We won! We won! So could we not have had ONE week of self-reflection before the Important People weighed in with their Open Letters, Ultimatums, and Non-Negotiable Advice to the President Elect? Particularly from the people who waged daily, snotty, sniping warfare upon him?

“Constructive” criticism is one thing; respectful disagreement is completely legitimate, even necessary, for a full and frank discussion. Anybody can make a mistake, misread the situation. Forgiveness is divine and all that. Still, the nasty, full frontal assault that Trump took from the party whose banner he ran under was unprecedented in my lifetime.

Well, Trump won against all odds, and now many people who were wrong want to tell him what he MUST do, including talent-free, self-identified child-molester Lena Dunham and the wretched Harry Reid, the most obnoxious politician America has ever produced, which is a very very high bar, indeed.

Trump’s victory speech on Election Night was a thing of beauty, the least triumphal thing I have ever heard. I doubt I could have been so magnanimous. Could you? I might have come out with both middle fingers aloft, which is just one reason, among several dozen, why I am unsuited to run for anything, or, arguably, to leave the house on some days.

Advice is unseemly enough coming from the relentless opponents on “our” side. But it’s absolutely laughable coming from the Democrats, even as their paid Rent-a-Mobs still fill the streets without so much as a peep of criticism from either Hillary or Obama. Shame, shame on them, as we read of their plans to disrupt the inauguration.

When Michael Moore is the voice of semi-sanity in your party – asserting that the white working-class “left-behinds” are NOT racist scum, as pilloried, but ignored and desperate – it is time to acknowledge that your rhetoric has run off the rails.

Hey, it sucks to lose. Just ask us. My last Presidential win was 2004. When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, they didn’t even have therapy dogs yet. We conservatives had to block traffic for weeks, throw Molotov cocktails at the cops (I mistakenly threw only Appletinis), smash windows, burn American flags and beat the crap out of random black people we found on the street. It was exhausting! Oh, no, wait. That NEVER happens, does it?

When the Democrats won, Obama crowed, “There was an election and we won.” He wouldn’t even meet with the Republicans in Congress or allow so much as a comma of input into the multi-thousand pages of disastrous Obamacare rules and regulations. They wanted credit for it all. Strict party lines. Mazel tov. Like the sign says in knick-knack stores: you broke it; you own it. For a few more weeks.

In one of his many rambling, incoherent speeches, Obama talked about how the Republicans had driven the “Car” of State into the ditch, apparently while drinking a Slurpee, and now we had to sit in the back seat. Never mind that a) it’s pretty easy to either back a car OUT of a ditch, or b) even pull forward or c) call Triple A, but gosh, what a brilliant speechwriter he is! The point, however, is that he MEANT his stupid metaphor to be demeaning. We weren’t going to have two equal partners taking turns steering our co-owned car in unity; we were banished to the back where the kids sit. He was deliberately, meanly, rubbing it in because he is a small, nasty, thin-skinned, not very bright little man.

Then after he admitted that he got his ass kicked in the mid-terms, all we heard about was “reaching across the aisle.” Reaching across the aisle works like one of those tire-shredding devices at rental car return lots. It only goes ONE WAY, and is understood by the media to only go one way. “Maverick” Republicans wanting open borders are reaching across the aisle, but Maverick Democrats willing to make a couple minor tweaks to welfare, for example, are traitors and – what else? Yawn – racists.

So MY unsolicited advice to President-Elect Trump — besides tapping Milo for either the UN or Press Secretary, wouldn’t that be fabulous? — is to pay as little attention as possible to the bandwagon-hoppers. Ride the horse that brung ya; trust the people who have been with you all the way. And do something unique in the annals of politics and keep your promises. Hire the best possible people with absolutely no thought to “diversity” for its own sake. Please just look for the best of the best. To help dig us out of this 8-year mess. Our beloved country deserves no less. Me for poet laureatess?

Just curious, is that a salaried job or piecework? Can you work from home?

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