Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll notes that they are at it AGAIN WITH THE NAZIS! She writes:

In May of 1970 I had helped organize a very large antiwar rally at the University of Minnesota to plan an even larger march to the State Capitol protesting the invasion of Cambodia and the killing of four Kent State students. Suddenly, a crazed-looking fellow rushed the stage and took over the microphone. Nobody on campus had ever seen him before. He might have been an agent provocateur, but he could just as easily have been an unhinged leftist. He said, (quoting from 46 year-old memory), “Wake up, people! Nixon is planning to cancel the elections! We have intelligence that ‘they’ are already constructing concentration camps in California! It’s Nazism, people!”

A few students screamed and looked extremely anxious, but most probably were more worried about how they were going to get credit for Calculus when the exams were canceled during the student strike, or whether or not they were going to get a job a couple weeks later after graduation or whether there was any chance they might get laid that night. (I was already married, so heck, no worries for me on that score. Heh.)

Nazis? Really? Way the heck in California? Fiddle-dee-dee. We’ll think about that tomorrow. Few activists really took that hyperbole seriously, but the Nazi word was flung about often.

Steve Hayward has previously posted the over-the-top hysteria and name-calling before, during and after President Reagan’s landslide elections, 10 years later. “Tear down this wall”? How embarrassing and gauche! The stupid guy doesn’t understand realpolitik and peaceful coexistence. Obviously, another crazy Nazi. Jeane Kirkpatrick, his ambassador to the wretched United Nations – the first woman as it happened, but no credit there for Reagan — was also a Nazi for daring to mention she had noticed a couple of downsides to communism.

Another decade and a half elapses, another American Nazi is elected. Well, sometimes, he was just called a “Cowboy,” which is sort of a Nazi with a big hat in Wacky Leftyworld, especially in Europe, but often enough he was called a Nazi. His name was Bushitler. Oh, the cleverness of that bastardization of his name! Anybody can play along. Just take a name of a tyrant from myth or history and append it to the last letter in a name to begin the name of the desired tyrant.

Genius! Let’s give it a whirl, shall we? Harry Reidevil. StephanoPolPot. Bill Ayerstalin. Obamarafat. Hillary Rodhamao. Anthony Weinerepulsivepedophile. Fun! (And, truth to tell, every last one light years closer to accurate than Bushitler…)

For eight years, Bushitler appeared on protest signs along with the ubiquitous (sometimes backwards, because: stupid) swastika. A mainstream movie was made about killing him.

Bushitler was going to cancel the elections, too, and refuse to leave the White House after his second term. Oh, dear. Even President Obama admitted that the Bush family could not possibly have been more gracious to him and his family in the transition period. You know, just like Hitler, who especially loved black people almost as much as Jews. I don’t speak German, but I’m pretty sure what he was shrieking about in those terrifying speeches was urging a peaceful transition after a fair and free election.

And now Donald J. Trump, who during the election was even called, ahem, a DEMOCRAT by some opponents (just because he voted for them, gave money to them, and partied with Hillary at weddings…), is now just another in a long line of Nazis. Funny, because Hitler probably died a virgin, which is a fate that, whatever else happens in his amazing life, President-Elect Trump will not face. I don’t know for sure, but I would be surprised if The Donald is a vegetarian either.

If we’ve had Nazis rotating in and out of the Oval Office since 1968 and life just merrily rolls along anyway, the Auld Left certainly has taken the fear-factor out of the term. Would that the German version had been so benign. And how easily we forget it stands for National SOCIALIST, Berniebots! I wonder what percentage of college students even know that.


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