Trump on the brink

With Wisconsin having been called for Trump,* it looks like Clinton will need Arizona to stop him. But Trump has a lead of almost 50,000 votes with a little more than half of the vote counted.

Unless I’m missing something, Trump is now extremely likely to become our next president — words I never thought I would type.

They say that if you live long enough, you will see everything. In 2000, I saw the election of a president who received fewer votes than his opponent. This year (which may be a repeat of that), it looks like I will see a Truman over Dewey style upset.

Both phenomena have occurred in U.S. history — just not in my lifetime. But Trump’s victory (if it happens) will be unprecedented. I don’t believe America has ever elected anyone like him — a political novice with no history of service to his country, and an abrasive “outsider” to boot.

We are in uncharted waters. That’s preferable, I think, to being in waters charted by the Clintons and Barack Obama. However, it’s still frightening, given Trump’s personal qualities and temperament.

* I think the networks are in disagreement as to whether Trump has Wisconsin nailed down.


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