Videos of the Week: Just Because

We’ve debated for a long time whether to supplement our Saturday Week in Pictures with a weekly offering of the best videos that have popped up in the ether, but generally demurred for the simple reason that it takes a lot more time to us to review videos than photos (we have the Saturday photo gallery down to an assembly line science by this point; in fact don’t tell Trump but we’ve actually outsourced it to India), and it takes a more serious commitment of time on the part of the reader to watch videos, even if they are short. Better, we think, just to put up solo the periodic takes from Remy and others (including Hitler videos that some day I’m going to quit) as they happen.

But sometimes several worthy ones pile up in the queue, like this week. So first, in the schadenfreudtastic division, savor the talking heads who all said Trump would be thumped:

And here is a dead-on plug for a worthy cause, “Millennial International,” where you can “help Millennials live the lives they portray on Instagram.” Heh.

And here’s the segment of Bill Maher’s HBO show where he says the Democratic Party has become the PC party of “fake outrage and social engineering,” as well as cowardice before radical Islam. And the liberals on his panel, especially Anna Marie Cox, don’t like hearing it.

And finally. . . yeah, this is the hard part of a video compilation to parallel our photo gallery. Not a lot of suitable material out there that we’ve seen so far. So here’s our offering to both reality and gun safety:

You mean all those Saturday “empowered feminist” photos aren’t realistic? Darn, the Age of Trump is even more disillusioning that I thought.


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